Maxwell Vega - The Don Of Daytona

Martin County Sheriff’s Office has some interesting details about Maxwell Alexander Vega who named himself Don. Read a post published by the County’s Sheriff’s Office below.

24-year old Maxwell Alexander Vega, (he asked that you please call him Don), tells his customers they must be cautious around the fentanyl he is going to sell them. “Don’t touch it, and be very smart selling it,” he said.

Why you ask? Because he says it is the “real deal”. What Max-Don was actually telling our Special Investigations Team, resident DEA and HSI agents, is that the fentanyl that he is moving into Martin County is so powerful that it is very easy to accidentally overdose. Max-Don also didn’t realize that his new client base was actually the undercover #WrongExit Team trying to track the sources of the fentanyl making its way into our county.

Vega was feeling confident about his pipeline into our community, so he offered up other illegal narcotics like cocaine and meth. As much as we needed at a good price. He said he could get it.

What Happened To Maxwell Vega – The Don Of Daytona?

In the end, Max-Don made the trip from his home in Daytona Beach to Martin County with trafficking amounts of meth and fentanyl. He got off on the #WrongExit with intentions of moving this poison on to our streets, and just like that, his name went from the Don of Daytona to Martin County Sheriff’s Inmate Maxwell Alexander Vega.

His good prices morphed into a $400,000 bond on trafficking charges, and that spigot of this dangerous drug into our county was shut off. We realize that there is much more work to do to track all of the suppliers, but we are up for it. Our best advice to those who want to do this risky business in Martin County, Don’s gone—Don’t be like Don, or Max.