Who is Alcee Hastings? Net Worth, Wife, and Political Party 1

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  • Who is Alcee Hastings

Alcee Hastings is US congressman serving in Florida 20th congressional district. He was previously a judge of the us district court for the southern district of Florida. In 2010, Hastings decided to run for the US senate election but failed to make the runoff elections. He represents the Democratic political Party.

Alcee Hastings is 84 years old. He was born on September 5th,1936 in Florida, USA.

  • His Wife and Family Details

In January 2019, Alcee Hastings married Patricia Williams at a ceremony. He is the father of three children named Chelsea, Alcee jnr, and leigh Hastings.

  • Alcee Hastings Net Worth and Salary

Alcee Hastings Net Worth and salary is unknown as it is yet to be updated on the web.